snowflake Announcements

W elcome to the New Website!

Dated: May 27 2015.

Hey you guys! AlmaConMI is back online. Stay tuned for further updates on the state of the convention! Swag!!!

M ore updates coming soon!

Dated: May 27 2014.

We’re going to be changing up the site and prepping things for next convention. Stay tuned~!

C osplay Rules, and Full Panel and Times List!

Dated: February 5 2014.

Updates! You can now view the cosplay info at the cosplay page; specifically, be sure to sign up here after reading the rules! You can also view the panel/event schedule right here.

Critically, we now have posted official rules regarding cosplay in general! (No nudity, for instance.) Please check them out and be cognizant of them.

All the recent info can be found through the events page now. We thank you for your patience with our scheduling and updates :)

A nother Guest, and Schedule Upates!

Dated: February 1 2014.

You know? A small flying creature told me that AlmaCon is about to officially announce animator-voice actor Chris Niosi a.k.a Kirbopher as an AlmaCon special guest.

AlmaCon would like to officially announce Chris Niosi as an AlmaCon special guesssttt!!!!

In other news, the Events page has been updated to include times and dates for a number of major convention events. We would in addition like to specify some our convention’s hours and registration time. With the exception of a couple of events that will be running ’til 1 a.m., here are our convention hours:

Friday 5 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Saturday 10 a.m. – 12 a.m.

Sunday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

We’re planning for registration to be open throughout the convention. So you can show up whenever and still get registered as long as it’s during convention hours.

See you there!

M ore Guests??

Dated: December 17 2013.

Guess what!! We are pleased to announce that AlmaCon 2014 had, even in light of our previous announcement, not exhausted its capacity to have cool guests! Because we have not one but two guests to tell you about!!

Actor-producers Yuri Lowenthall and Tara Platt are now on board for the upcoming convention!